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Post by and date: atomicracer - 1/27/2014

I have finally decided to post some information on the future of the raceway. It has taken me a few months to settle down and start to realize I need to let all of the drivers know what is going on. The last half of the seasons races seemed like there was a lot of negative feelings. I was approached by certain people about situations I could not control or could not apply more time to correct. Things were said and done that emotionally hurt me and my family. I am not saying that everyone was responsible as it only takes a couple of comments to ruin it for everyone. I know I cannot please everyone and normally I can live with this, but as car count diminishes I have to wonder if it is somehow my fault. I have been dealing with this for the last couple of months losing sleep each night trying to decide what to do. I have come to the conclusion that I will set a schedule of 6-10 races depending on what the other dirt tracks in our area do for their schedule. I will try to work in between what they offer. Montana is now IMCA sanctioned which opens up a lot more tracks to race at. Scheduling will also be determined by driver interest. I have the WWMT scheduled for August 23-24 but nothing else until I see what is scheduled at other dirt tracks. I do not plan on scheduling on WWMT race dates. I am not sure about memberships, with only 30 members in 2013, how many will their be in 2014? How many drivers will there be? Will I even be able to keep the track open? With so many drivers converting to asphalt, others planning to race the WWMT or perhaps promoting themselves, how many are left that want to race at atomic, This is a big question I have on my mind. The last 2 races had 23 drivers show up. It takes 50 drivers to break even. In 2004 thru 2006 we had 120-140 drivers show up on a weekly basis, Atomic hosted some pretty exciting races back then, I hope someday in the future that dirt track racing once again rules in our area like it did back then. What happens next? The raceway is still for sale at $220,000 OBO, turn key. I have had offers on leasing but that does not interest me at this time, I have had offers on some of the equipment but without any of it I cannot conduct races. I had one individual that wanted to just run it for me. I kept thinking that the raceway was doomed in value but have since changed my mind on that, I still own the land, It is developed land on 30 acres, main street, downtown Atomic, It is still worth something in developed land value. Maybe a subdivision in the back, with main street commercial in the front, who knows maybe a dragstrip check out the aerial you can see where I graded one. Ok back to the future of the raceway, I have just acquired 24 thimbledrome cars, for awards for 2013 champions, I am sorry it took so long, I really had a hard time with the raceway after spending $4,000 to get the track back in shape after the tough season, then spending another $2000 for awards.  I will be working on the trophies over the next couple of weeks and will  have a dinner and meeting  to give them out. I will be giving out 1st 2nd and 3rd place only awards (must have raced at least 6 races to be eligible). I will also be thanking my employees and volunteers, (without them the track is nothing). let me know by e-mail if you plan on attending  so I can make sure I have enough food and room for everyone. I plan on having the meeting and dinner at Marthas CafĂ© in blackfoot on Feb 22nd, short meeting at 5:00 dinner afterwards and awards after the dinner. Dinner is $10 per person. I would also like to get a drivers head count for the 2014 race season, so I can get an idea of what to plan for. If you plan on running your car this season let me know. I realize you cannot commit until you see a schedule, I just need some kind of an idea what interest there is in each class. E-mail me at and let me know what your plans are or any ideas you may have.Thanks Clem
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