DESCRIPTION: This class is for entertainment and advertising purposes only. Passengers allowed. Different types of events may be run at the discretion of track management and officials. Winning positions may be picked at random ( 8th position may be the winning position etc.) No intentional contact allowed unless promoter approved. Bump and pass may be allowed at promotors discretion. Atomic bombers are cars that we race not race cars.

ELIGIBLE CARS: Any 2 wheel drive 4, 6, or 8, cylinder car, station wagon, van, suv or pickup allowed. Any engine combination allowed. Over sized vehicles are not allowed, must be tech approved.

BATTERY: Battery shall remain in stock location. If the battery is removed from stock location it shall be secured in a sealed battery box and securely strapped down. Must be tech approved.

EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR: No cutting of sheet metal except for roll over bar installation and tire clearance. All glass, exterior trim and flammable material must be removed. Inside rear view mirror allowed. 

EXHAUST: Must exit away from driver. Must be tech approved.

TIRES: Any tire allowed, except mud, snow or implement tire.

BUMPERS: Front and rear bumpers may be reinforced and strapped. Tube bumpers allowed.

FUEL: If stock gas tank is forward of rear axle, it may remain in stock location. If it is behind rear axle, it must be replaced or contained in the trunk area as far forward as possible. It is highly recommended that the fuel container be replaced with acommercially produced fuel cell. Installation of approved container must use 4 – 1/8 inch x 1 inch straps, two crosswise and two lengthwise attached with 3/8 inch bolts and locknuts. Must have sheet metal firewall between driver and fuel container.

SEATS: Racing seats are highly recommended. Non spring type bucket seat with head rests are allowed. Installation subject to tech approval.

SEATBELTS: 5 point racing seat belts required. 3 year date stamp recommended. Neck brace required.

WINDOW NETS: Drivers and passenger side must have window nets. Must be equipped with quick release at top of net and be securely fastened at bottom of net.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Must have fully charged fire extinguisher with gauge securely mounted within drivers reach. HELMET: Approved helmet snell 2000 minimum requirement.

DRIVERS SUIT: Long sleeve non flammable coveralls or drivers suit required. Full length nomex racing suit highly recommended. Full leather shoe or boot and gloves required. No nylon allowed.

ROLL CAGE: 4 point roll cage with 4 door bars on drivers side and passenger side highly recommended. Minimum 1 ¾ inch tubing of .095 wall thickness.

ROLL BAR: A single hoop rear roll bar is mandatory. Must be mounted within 2 inches behind driver seat and 4 inches minimum above drivers head. Roll bar must be welded to frame or bolted in place using 1/4 inch by 8 inch square plates top and bottom of floor pan with 4 each ½ inch bolts and lock nuts. Roll bar must have two 45 degree rearward support bars. Roll bar must have one diagonal brace welded from top to bottom of hoop. Roll bar must have one horizontal bar welded in place for upper seat belt attachment. Minimum 1 ¾ inch tubing of .095 wall thickness. Roll bar padding mandatory on all bars within reach of driver.



DOORS: All doors must be welded shut. Drivers door plates are required and must be made of material no less than 6 inches wide by ½ inch thick strap steel, extending past the front and rear door seams. May be welded or bolted with ½ inch bolts and locknuts. Two per side of car required. Grater blade material highly recommended.

WINDSHEILD AREA: Windshield area must have two ¼ by 2 inch straps spaced no more than 22” attached from top to bottom, or screen to prevent entrance of tires and debris.

ADVERTISING SIGN: One 24 inch by 60 inch by ½ inch plywood panel may be attached to top of vehicle roof using 1 inch by 1/8 inch angle iron and 3/8 inch bolts and lock nuts.

NUMBERS: Car numbers must be 18 inches tall on drivers and passengers side door. Must have 18 inch number on roof readable from the passenger side. Car number and atomic bomber must be displayed on rear of car in 4 inch lettering. Car will have a nickname attached to car prior to raceday.

Class sponsor must be displayed on both sides of car in 4 inch lettering.

TECH: All cars are subject to a minimum specification inspection at any time. It is the responsibility of the driver to prepare his car free of defects and to maintain it in a safe racing condition.

MANAGEMENT CLAIM: A $ 600 management claim is in effect at all times. Seat, seat belts and window nets may be removed at time of claim. All other components may not be removed.

DRIVER EXPERIENCE: All drivers with a current membership/competitors license will be allowed to enter events.