a) Must be dressed in racing uniform, white pants or coveralls. Must wear shirt at all times. No shorts, or sandals allowed. Drivers must wear long sleeves.

b) Must purchase and properly display pit pass at all times.

c) Must not be under suspension from any speedway or racing association.

d) Must have read all speedway rules and agree to abide by them.

e) Drivers must have current membership with Atomic Motor Raceway. Two race grace allowed then membership must be purchased. Memberships are $35.00.

f) Must have signed all necessary release forms.

g) Persons under 18 years old must have written permission from parent or legal guardian.


a) Atomic Motor Raceway officials may refuse entry of competitors otherwise eligible for entry for reasons such as misconduct or actions of the owner or pit crew that conflict with the best interest of racing.

b) Any driver who gives evidence of exhaustion, appears under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance or appears mentally or physically in a condition which may make him or her potentially dangerous to others may be expelled from competition by track officials.


a) Any person who at any time shall use improper language to officials shall be suspended for a minimum of the next two scheduled racing events, loss of all accumulated points and a $500 fine.

b) Any person who shall strike or cause bodily harm to any other person shall be suspended for a minimum of the next two scheduled racing events, loss of all accumulated points and a $500.00 fine.

c) Any person who enters another persons pit area and causes a disturbance will receive a $500.00 fine.


a) The use of intoxicants or drugs before or during racing events by anyone in the pit area is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate ejection and suspension by track officials. This will include all persons associated with car represented.


a) Pit gates will open 3 hours prior to first scheduled race.

b) Entry into pits will be allowed until thirty minutes prior to first scheduled event.

c) No entry will be allowed into pit area at any other time unless officials and track manager agree to do so.

d) Only authorized vehicles will be allowed in pit area.

e) Spectators may be allowed into pits after last race.

f) No race vehicles may be moved while spectators are in the pits.


a) All drivers competing in an event must attend drivers meeting before the first race. Failure to attend meeting will result in driver starting in the back row for the main event.


a) The officials of Atomic Motor Raceway will be responsible for enforcement of all technical and safety rules, unless assigned to an association of racers. This may be delegated to someone not otherwise associated with the speedway or any association.

b) If any such inspection reveals any unsafe condition, such vehicle may be excluded from competition.

c) In the event a safety related disqualification occurs, the officials decision is final.

d) Technical disqualifications may be protested and are covered under protest section of the rules.

e) All new cars, wrecked cars and protested cars must pass technical inspection by track officials before being allowed to compete or practice.