NOTE: All general and safety rules apply in all cases. Some rules in this class may be more stringent then the general or safety rules, in this event the stringent rule will apply. See safety rules pages 6-7.

1. ELIGIBLE CARS: 1960 to present year two wheel drive six or eight cylinder, american made sedans and coupes.. Minimum weight 3000 lbs with driver. Minimum wheel base 108”.

2. ENGINES: Engines may be relocated 1 inch back from number one spark plug to center of ball joint, and is to remain manufacturer to manufacturer. No CID limit.

a) Block : Stock steel block may be bored .060.

b) Crank Shafts: Stock type crank and rods must be used. May be balanced for engine life.

c) Heads: Must be factory type stock steel only, porting or polishing allowed to match manifolds only. No other grinding or polishing allowed . After market heads with stock specifications allowed.

d) Camshafts -valvetrain: Any hydraulic or mechanical flat tappet cam allowed. Stock diameter valve springs only, Double roller timing chains or gear drives are allowed. Roller rocker arms allowed, no roller lifters allowed. Stud girdles allowed.

3. RADIATORS: Radiators of any style may be used, but must be mounted in stock location. Racing radiators, electric fans and aluminum water pumps are allowed.

4. CARBURETORS: One only, 2 or 4 barrel carb maximum 850 cfm allowed. Must be stock appearing type. Air horns may be removed.

5. INTAKE MANIFOLDS: Aluminum manifolds allowed. No tunnel ram manifolds may be used.

6. EXHAUST: Headers or cross over headers are allowed. Must exit behind driver.

7. IGNITION: O.E.M. or after market in stock location ignitions. Amplifiers or remote msd type ignitions are allowed. ( Rev limiters allowed ) . Cannot be adjustable from drivers compartment.

8. STARTERS: All cars must be self starting.

9. TRANSMISSION: Stock type transmission only, must have all working gears. Must be mounted to back of block. Automatics must have an SFI approved scatter shield or blanket around gear box. Manual transmission must use a disc type clutch, dry clutches must be surrounded 360 degrees by an approved steel scatter shield to protect driver.

10. DIFFERENTIAL: Differential housing must remain stock passenger type. Using stock mounting points to stock oem design used. Welding the spider gears, limited slip positive trac’s and spools allowed. Driveline must be steel and have safety hoops. Floating hubs allowed.

11. FRAMES AND UNIBODY: OEM frame or unibody clips may be used. All chassis must be tech approved.

12. SUSPENSION: All suspension parts must be stock passenger type, mounted in stock location to stock oem design used. Only changes allowed are as follows. Front non adjustable tubular upper A arms are allowed. Must mount in stock location. One shock per wheel. Jacking bolts allowed. No coil overs, air or booster assisted shocks allowed. Rear upper and lower adjustable trailing arms allowed. Must use stock location upper and lower mounting points. Springs may be changed or altered for ride height. Lowering blocks allowed. A torque arm and pan hard bar are allowed. Slider rear leaf springs are allowed.

13. BRAKES: Must be hydraulic, foot operated and in good working order. All four wheels must function. No modifications from stock. Only changes allowed are as follows, Adjustable proportioning valves allowed. Aftermarket pedals are allowed.

14. STEERING: Must remain stock. Quickners allowed. Steering shaft must be collapsible.

15. WHEELS AND TIRES: Steel wheels only, no mag or alloy wheels. Maximum size not to exceed 10” wide and 15” tall. Class approved racing tire 10 ½ inch tread width allowed. Minimum tire width will be 7 ½”. Right front wheel must have over size lug nuts. Bead lock allowed on right rear only.

16. FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel cell required. Recommended steel with polyliner, must have fuel cell foam. Cell must be mounted behind rear fire wall and must be above center line of axle, with bottom being open to the ground. Must use four 1/8” by 1” straps two cross wise and two length wise attached with 3/8 bolts and locknuts. Electric fuel pumps are discouraged, if used must have emergency shutdown switch. Pump gas or racing fuel only. No alcohol allowed

17. BATTERY: Must be relocated behind driver and sealed in a plastic boat type battery box. Must be strapped with steel bands fastened over top of battery box to hold battery in place.

18. BODY PREP: Stock appearing steel, aluminum, plastic, or fiberglass bodies allowed. Doors must be securely fastened to prevent opening. Hoods and trunk lids must be pinned for emergency access. Hoods must have seal between hood and fire wall to prevent fire from entering driver compartment. Scoops, spoilers and air dams, when used must be securely attached to body panels not to exceed 6 inches in height. All bumpers must be strapped on ends to prevent hooking of other cars. Tube type bumpers are allowed but must remain within factory dimensions, may use 1 ½ x .095 tubing. 

19. ROLL CAGE: Minimum 1 ¾” tubing of .095 wall thickness for cage and door bars. A full perimeter four post roll cage, with diagonal braces behind driver extending past rear fuel cell. Four door bars on drivers side, three on passenger side. Drivers side door bars must have two uprights between each door bar. All drivers side bars must have gussets. Plating of door bars highly recommended. Roll cage must be welded to frame or welded to plates ¼” thick by 12” square and secured by four each ½” bolts per plate. All cages must be at least 2” over drivers head and must be padded. Nerf bars are allowed but must be within 2” of silhouette of body, must be between tires and with in 2” of center line of wheel spindle Approved racing seats must be used. High back seats or head rests are required.